Tankless Hot Water Heaters


               There are many advantages to having a tankless water heater installed. The main reason I like tankless units is because they don't use a chimney to vent exhaust fumes. Old chimneys after time may go bad. The deterioration of bricks can cause the chimney to lose draft. A blockage within the flu can occur, even a bird can build a nest within one causing it to not operate correctly. This poses a huge problem when it comes to carbon monoxide poisoning. These newer tankless units use a power vent blower system which vents exhaust threw a pvc pipe out your siding. 


                The next really great feature is the low energy consumption. Tankless water heaters only consume gas or electric when you are actively using the hot water in your home. Your older standard tank water heater needs to constantly maintain water temperature at 120 degrees. Imagine having a pot of water on your stove trying to keep it above 120 degrees. Standard tank water heaters use a lot of energy to maintain this temperature. A tankless unit can save up to 40%.


                  The tankless hot water heater also offers a much better warranty and double or even triple the life expectancy of a standard tank water heater. 

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